Puffy Fluffy and the dragon31 Oct 2008 06:29 pm

-Mummy, did friends reach Little Red Riding Hood today?
-Not yet. They will reach five minutes after I finish washing the dishes.
-Could they reach quicker if you would put them in dishwasher?
-Puffy, patience.
-I will wait.

Letters to myself17 Oct 2008 01:46 pm

November 18, 2007 16:47


I awoke from noise.

I looked around me and saw other children chained to the wall.

But they were silent.


Puffy Fluffy and the dragon17 Oct 2008 01:29 pm

-Puffy, are you sure that you want to hear about the wolf?
-Yes mummy. I think this wolf isn’t scary.

>>> Our friends walked in the forest for at least two hours, twenty-seven minutes and forty-three seconds until they found the school.
It was large building made of tree logs.

Puffy Fluffy17 Oct 2008 12:13 pm

-Mummy, I am bored.

-So, what do you want to do?

-I don’t know. I am child. Only adults know what to do when children are bored.

-So, am I adult?


Scrambled eggs01 Oct 2008 05:00 pm

Hi. I am here. I am ready for the lesson.

Why are you dressed so.. so.. elegantly?

Do you want to prepare scrambled eggs in this suit?

You decided first to see how they prepare scrambled eggs in the restaurant?


Scrambled eggs01 Oct 2008 04:58 pm

Hi. How are you?

Yes, I will drink some wine before the teaching.

Ah, candles! For me to see better the eggs?

Ow. Now I blush.


Scrambled eggs01 Oct 2008 04:48 pm

Hi. How are you?

Yes, I will drink some milk before the teaching.

Ah, candles! Do you think that they will stop electricity today?

Ow, I blush. For me?


Scrambled eggs01 Oct 2008 04:45 pm

Hi, what’s your name.

Do not be angry with me.

All right. I will teach you and will go.

No socializing.


Scrambled eggs01 Oct 2008 04:43 pm

Let us assume that you are alone at your home.

You don’t need to assume?

You ARE alone?

The wife and the children went to a holiday away without you?


Puffy Fluffy29 Sep 2008 03:58 pm

Puffy woke up.

She went to bathroom.

Washed her hand, and then saw that mother is not here and did not clean teeth.

She was too tired for this.


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