-It’s unfair.
-Sorry, Puffy.
-Go and buy another one.
-Where can I find an open shop this hour?

-I don’t know, but without it I cannot get sleep.
-Sorry, Puffy. Just today. Tomorrow we will be back home and I’ll read it to you.
-But how could you forget the most important thing.
-I thought you took it.
-Yes, I did, but then I remembered that you said that you want to pack the book in your suitcase, so I put it near it.
-Well, I didn’t see it. Sorry.
-But mummy, I cannot sleep without a story. If you cannot read me about the King, the dragon and their friends, then tell me some other story.
-I don’t know any stories.

-Maybe some story that your mother told you?
-My mother didn’t tell me stories. Grandmother did.
-My grandmother?
-No Puffy, mine.
-So, tell me some of those stories.
-I don’t remember. It was so long time ago.
-Why then she would tell you stories if you forget them?
-Well (mother tried to find any answer, she even looked towards the ceiling, hoping to see there something that would help her, but alas, no idea came to her).

-You know, mother, it’s the worst trip to the sea I ever had.
-Just because we forgot the book home?
-Not me, mummy. You.
-Yes, yes, I.


-Yes, darling.
-How was she?
-Who, darling?
-Your grandmother.
-What do you mean, how was she?
-Was she beautiful? Was she kind? Was she clever?
-What do you think?
-I don’t know.

-Puffy, are you beautiful?
-Where it came to you from?
-From you, mummy.

-And where it came to me, Puffy?
-You were born like that?
-Yeh, but I mean, it came from my mother. And she got it from her mother. She was very beautiful.

-So, she was kind and clever as we are?
-Yes, you are right. Your grand grandmother was the kindest person alive.
-But she is dead.
-Yes, but when she was alive, she was the kindest person.

-I see. But mummy, you told me that when somebody hurt you in the school, she told you to hurt him back.
-Yes, but she told it in the kindest way possible.
-Mummy, you are making fun of me.
-Just a little.

-How clever was your grandmother?
-Well, for example she knew 7 languages.
-How much!

-I didn’t know there were so many languages. What languages?
-English and Spanish, then Italian, French and German, Russian and Portuguese.
-Wow. Why did she need so many languages?
-She liked to travel and so wanted to speak to people their languages.

-Why, couldn’t she speak with them just plain simple English?
-Puffy, not everybody knows English.
-Then how do they speak between them?
-They speak other languages.

-I don’t understand, instead of learning English, they learn foreign language?
-You see, for them it is not a foreign language, for them it’s a native.
-I still don’t understand why everybody cannot learn to speak English.

-Interesting question. But until the time that the world will speak English, you need to learn other languages in order to understand others. By the way, I recollected a story, my grandmother told me once.
-Story! Story!
-Calm down, Puffy and lay down. It’s short story, but then it’s late and you have to sleep.
-Very well, mummy, tell.

There was an old man who lived with his old wife in a very old house near the sea.

One day the old women was very hungry and sent her husband to bring some fish.

So the old man went and spread some nets in the water. When he took them out, there were some very little fishes and he threw them back.
And once more he threw his nets, but once more nothing interesting was there. Or maybe interesting (there was a broken lamp, two tires, 7 bottles and many cans), but not edible.

The old man knew that returning without a fish isn’t an option, and threw nets for the third time.
This time he saw a big beautiful fish. He took it out and threw into a bucket. Suddenly the fist spoke:

-Laissez-moi. Je vais vous donner tout ce que vous souhaitez.

The old man didn’t know languages and so didn’t understand the fish. He just continued to go home where he fried the fish.

- So, Puffy, you see how important is the language knowledge.
-For who mother? For fish or the old man?
-I believe that it is for both. But not only for them.
-For whom more?
-For you, for example.
-Why for me?
-If you knew foreign languages, you would know what the fish told.
-Ah, yes I wanted to ask what it said.
-Very simple: “Leave me. I’ll give you anything you wish.”

-Silly old man.
-He wasn’t surprised that the fish talks.
-You are right. And now, are you not surprised that it is so late and you don’t sleep yet?
-Oh, mummy. Kiss.

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