-Yes, darling?
-Why Jessica is crying?
-You see, Puffy, you sister was upset in the school.

Puffy raised her head from the pillow, tucked it behind her back and took the sitting position. Her nose stretched before the face as to say “Well, continue, don’t stop now! I want to know everything.”

But her mother didn’t see her because she looked aside towards Jessica’s room. She was sad, her eyelashes vibrating, ready to be flowed by tears.

-Mummy, mummy! Are you crying?

Mother turned back to Puffy, eyes almost dry but redder than usual, shook her head as if dispersing all bad thoughts.

-No. mummy doesn’t cry. Mummy is just sad because some bully boy made Jess feel bad today. Sometimes boys can be so dumb and hurt those close to them…
-Mummy, I don’t understand.
-Because it’s too early for you to understand, Puffy.
-No, I mean I don’t understand why she cannot return him the same as he did to her?
-She can. But would she feel better if she would do it?
-I know that I would.
-Puffy, Puffy. You are good girl, but sometime I wonder if you are my daughter.
-Why? Do you want to sell me away?
-Oh no. Never. Simply sometimes you behave so differently from how I behaved when was your age.
-Did you? Granny said differently.
-Ow! Did she now?

-Yes, she did. Last week she told me what you did to that boy who said that he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.
-Which one?
-Mummy, were there many?
-Puffy, I cannot argue with you. What did granny tell?
-That in the middle of Math class, when the teacher called him to show the answer, you shouted to the teacher to stay far from him because he has so bad smell from the mouth. And for 5 years after that he had no friends.
-Ah, that one. Yes, I remember.

-Couldn’t Jessica do the same?
-Maybe, but she won’t listen to me.
-I know, mother. Granny explained it to me: Jessica won’t hear you because she wants to make all the possible mistakes by herself.
-Well, something like that.

-Yes, darling.
-When I will be her age, I’ll listen to you. I promise.
-Yeh. Exactly as Jess promised.

-I love Jessica.
-And I am sure she loves you.
-And I love you, mummy.
-And mummy loves you sooo much.

-Hihi, mummy, you tickle me. Hihi.
-I know. Oh, young lady, you dare not tickle me!
-I dare, I dare. Tickle war!
-Ah, so! Then get this!

And they continued to jump on the bed and laugh until Jessica, totally surprised by the noise, came out from her room, saw the war and jumped to help her little sister.

That night the King, the dragon and all other friends, decided to continue to stay near the bonfire as the night before.

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