-Mummy, I am ready.
-Ready? For what?
-To hear what happened further in the story.
-A moment. I will bring the book.

>>> Soon former Little, now Adult Red Riding Hood went out to the lobby once more and sat on the chair.

-Phew, am I tired today! I am glad that all operations went well.
-What other operations had you? (Dan asked with interest).
-In the morning we had a black horse who wanted to be zebra. Do you know how painfully hard is it to paint those white strips when the horse cannot stop moving even for a moment?

-Why couldn’t he stop moving?
-He wanted to see how it is done. And then he wanted to see what happens in another operating theater.
-What was there?
-Some mixed up cow saw a beautiful bull and lost her head. We could not find it, so had to sew the head we had in stock.
-And it was?

-Giraffe’s head. But the cow felt so uncomfortable and the head overturned her all the time. Therefore, we unsewed this head and put lion’s head.

However, when the cow came to drink from the lake and looked into the water, she saw the lion and began to run. We had to change her head again. At last, we found another cow head. Not the same colour, though, but that is what we had. The cow did not care about colour and went to the filed. You can see her there.

Everybody looked in the direction of Red Riding Hood’s finger.

-And there was operation on two storks. They both came to sky junction at the same time and each one thought that her direction is the main road. At the end, they collided and it took us two hours to separate them.

And then, we saw that one of them who spoke all the time during the operation remained without the beak.
-So, what did you do?
-What could we do? Prepared a beak from two branches of oak tree. It’s even harder that the original.

They sat there for ten minutes until the dragon’s head began to slide to the floor, then Peter the King shook his head pushing tiredness away and stood up.

-I think that we can go back now. Will you come with us, Red Riding Hood?
-Gladly, but could we pass through my friend?
-Yes, of course. Who is your friend?
-They call her Bearlocks. Do you know her?
-Never heard.
-Maybe you know her by the previous name of Goldilocks?
-Goldilocks? Wait, isn’t it the girls who made fun of three bears?
-What she does in those days?

-Well, not much. For whole year she came to bears’ house and ate all the food. Do you know how much food three bears prepare for themselves? Well, Goldilocks didn’t think about dieting and today she cannot move. They had to send a special lorry to take her out from the house and bring to her own home. Today she tries to eat less, but it goes difficult for her. She takes nuts from squirrels, took cheese from the singing crow, ate all crumbs that Hansel and Gretel put on the ground to find their way home, tried to eat three pigs and even wolf. She lost every friend but me. So it is very important that I will visit her.

-Very well, then. We will visit her.

Not too silently, they began the journey to Goldilocks’ home.

They came to the field where the wolf dislocated his hand and foot.

Hedgehogs and snails still played football. It was 43 rd ball.

42 before it were out. 18, on which snails put there feet, were too slimy and hedgehogs did not want to play with them. 23 looked like pincushion because hedgehogs decided that playing with legs is not interesting enough and played with there back or head. The rest went to dinner.

Squirrels do not like usually to stay long without eating. So they went to look for some nuts.

When friends passed the field, the ball rolled near the wolf. He was angry on them and kicked it with his foot.

The ball flew away into the tree’s branches and stood there. The squirrel showed his fist to the wolf, but the moment the wolf began to walk in his direction, the squirrel hid behind the branch.

Towards the evening, they stopped in the forest. Dragon opened his mouth and burn out a nice clearing.

Dan went into the forest and after three minutes dragged a little lake into the clearing.

The lake didn’t want to move. You could easily see it: every time that Dan looked away, it tried to flow away. Only threat to throw it into the river, pacified the lake and it lay calmly near friends’ legs.

The prince brought some dry branches and Johny spit some fire on it and the rest of the night they sat neat bonfire, singing and dancing. >>>

-Puffy. Hm. Continue to sleep. Good night.

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