-Mummy, you began to sleep in the middle of the story yesterday.
-Sorry, puffy. I had a very long day and was sooo tired.
-Then why did you tell me the story? You should go to sleep.
-I did not want to disappoint you, Puffy.

-You are my best mother.
-Puffy, how many mothers do you have?
-Only you.
-So I am the best and the only?
-Yes. Why do you ask?
-Never mind. So do you want to hear what happened next?
-Of course, mummy. That is why you sit in my bed – to tell me the story.
-Are you sure?
-Very well.

>>> Everybody had to pull him by his tail until he unplugged from the van door. >>>

-Mummy, you have read it already.
-Yes? I do not remember.
-Yes. You finished when the friends waited for the nurse who knew what to do.
-Fine. I will read it silently until then because I too want to know what happened.

>>> After two hours and some minutes, the nurse who knew what to do came.

It was strange to see Zebra as a nurse but Dan came close to the counter and asked for her help.
Zebra came to the white horse and asked to see his leg.

-It’s not the horse. It’s wolf. -said the king and a moment later the Zebra nurse was outside the building.

-She hates wolfs -explained Giraffe nurse who didn’t know what to do.
-So, what shall we do?
-Wait for Hippopotamus nurse. He doesn’t care if it’s horse or wolf.

Our friends drank three more coffee until the Hyppo-nurse came.

-Show me your paws. Ah, I see. I will fix it in a moment.

He took the wolf’s hand and pulled it very hard. The wolf almost overturned.

-What do you do, crazy hyppo?
-Does it hurts you now?
-Ah, what? Do you mean my hand? Of course it hurts.. I think.. Wait.

He made four turns to the right and then three to the left, but it did not hurt.

Hippopotamus nurse suddenly pulled wolf’s leg and he fell on the floor.

-What’s the..

The wolf began to stand up, looking unbelievingly on his foot. It was in place and did not hurt at all.

The only thing that hurt, was wolf’s pride, so he began to shout:

-And I had to wait for this for so long! Couldn’t you do it yesterday?

Hippopotamus was calm, wrote something on a piece of paper and asked the wolf to pay for the treatment.

-Are you crazy? To pay 5 hundred for a minute of your time?

Hippopotamus came close to the wolf:

-If you want, I can do it much slower. For example during an hour. Do you want me to return the situation back, so that the treatment will take an hour?


After seven minutes and a mile, others caught pace with the wolf.

-You don’t need to run. The hippopotamus just joked. Stop running! Stop!
-I am not that sure. I saw the fire in his eyes. He really wanted to dislocate me.
-He didn’t. It was a joke.
-Ye, joke! I know such jokes. You want to cry after those jokes.
-Wolf, calm down!
-I am totally completely absolutely calm.

But long time later, Dan heard wolf whispering to himself “I should show him how to play jokes on wolfs”. >>>

-Puffy, now you will sleep.
-But I want to hear more.
-It’s end of the chapter. The next one we will read tomorrow.
-If you do not want, then we will read it the day after tomorrow.
-No, no! I mean, why don’t you want to read it now?
-Because it is the end of the chapter?
-So what?
-Ehmm. Puffy, I am tired.
-Good night, mummy.
-Good night.

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