Diverse mixture14 Feb 2009 09:23 am

-So, this is the way Muse works!

-Yes. We write the story and you rewrite.

-But then, am I a writer?

-Yes, of course. You write the story.



Diverse mixture14 Feb 2009 08:25 am

I hear knocking on the door.

-Who’s there?


-Funny, very funny. Who is it?


Puffy Fluffy and the dragon24 Jan 2009 07:33 am

-It’s unfair.
-Sorry, Puffy.
-Go and buy another one.
-Where can I find an open shop this hour?

Diverse mixture& Puffy Fluffy and the dragon09 Jan 2009 08:17 pm

-Are you ready?

Puffy nodded and mother continued to read.

>>> The way to Goldilocks went to the left. Then suddenly to the left once more.
After fourth left turn, the King asked:

-Do you think that we are going in rounds?

Diverse mixture09 Jan 2009 01:08 pm

“They say that I never know to say thank you. It’s not right.

Until now I never saw any reason to say thank you.

But everything changed yesterday.

In the morning, as usual, I took my garbage bin outside, waiting for it been collected.

And as usual, while doing it, part of garbage spilled on the ground near my house.

And as usual, I asked the garbage man to clean it.


Puffy Fluffy and the dragon05 Dec 2008 03:57 pm



Puffy took her slippers and went to look for her mother.

Puffy Fluffy and the dragon05 Dec 2008 03:55 pm

-Yes, darling?
-Why Jessica is crying?
-You see, Puffy, you sister was upset in the school.

Puffy Fluffy and the dragon22 Nov 2008 09:01 pm

-Mummy, I am ready.
-Ready? For what?
-To hear what happened further in the story.
-A moment. I will bring the book.

Puffy Fluffy and the dragon14 Nov 2008 08:43 pm

-Mummy, will friends reach Little Red Riding Hood today?
-I do not know. I have to read to find it out.
-Then begin to read.

>>> Some time later, our friends came to the farm. >>>

Puffy Fluffy and the dragon31 Oct 2008 06:30 pm

-Mummy, you began to sleep in the middle of the story yesterday.
-Sorry, puffy. I had a very long day and was sooo tired.
-Then why did you tell me the story? You should go to sleep.
-I did not want to disappoint you, Puffy.

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